Mission, Vision & Values

Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is “ to leave a positive footprint, by transforming lives through empowerment.”

Our vision is to be a leading & showcased organization of sustainable community development in Kenya and beyond.

Our Values

In order to achieve its mission, Basecamp Foundation has adopted the following values
  • Community Basecamp Foundation does not exist in a vacuum. We work in collaboration with the community and other stakeholders
  • Integrity Basecamp conducts it business in an honest, transparent and ethical manner. We have a staff code of conduct that guides and regulates our interactions with all our stakeholders.
  • Empowerment We do not aim to provide quick-fix solutions to problems and challenges in the community we work with. We strive to find solutions to larger systematic problems while empowering the beneficiaries to take charge so as to live a better life.
  • Accountability We ensure that all resources bequeathed to us are properly used for the specific projects under the guidance of set standards for financial procedures and sound internal controls, which are clearly documented in approved manuals.
  • Interdependence We work collaboratively with other stakeholders to ensure the best possible outcome of projects funded and implemented by the Foundation.
  • Leadership We lead by example, helping change the world one organization at a time through funding incentives, guidance and collaboration.
  • Sustainability We implement programs that are replicable and share their lessons learned in order to advance the improvement of the quality of life in communities, using sustainable approaches.

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