Our Projects

Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE)
Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) project approach includes capacity building of the schools’ Boards of management to effectively manage schools, Parents teacher’s associations’ seminars & Early Child Development. It also...
Adolescent Girls Empowerment Project (Bonga)
Bonga is a project that aims at empowering adolescent girls that have dropped out of the formal education system, as a result of various cultural and other life impediments, but most commonly, teenage pregnancy or early...
Community Managed Savings Group (CMSG)
The community managed savings group is a unique community based methodology that aims at improving the financial literacy among the rural poor in the communities. The program seeks to enable the members to make informed decisions...
Community Institutions - Green Villages
The Green Villages program aims at promoting people led development projects through piloting of innovative approaches to addressing basic needs of communities’ one village at a time. Its main focus is to provide access to...
Mara Girls Leadership School (MGLS)
The Mara Girls Leadership School is a model school established and fully sponsored by BCFK to a generation to mentor a generation of community transformational leaders by providing secure primary education for talented girls from...
Access to Safe Drinking Water projects
Access to safe drinking water for domestic use and animal consumption in Mara has been a serious challenge. This is mainly because Narok County is a semi-arid region whose population also practice livestock keeping and pastoralism...

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